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OpenERP is an extremely affordable ERP for small & medium businesses because it allows automation of their inventory, logistics, purchase, sales, HR, accounts, etc. without the steep license fee attached with other proprietary ERPs.

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ComSkool lets a school administrator manage the daily chores with ease; be it student information, fee handling, exams & results or annual calendar notifications. It's not just a software, it's the only software you need

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For any of your smallest to complex needs, the Open Source universe has a solution; not one but many. GENPRO helps you decide which one perfectly fits your needs, given our strong research on OS for various sectors & profiles.

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Welcome to GENPRO an Open Source Consulting & Development company focusing on building products & rendering solutions developed around OS technologies for Small & Medium Businesses. Open Source is flexible, scalable & affordable even for smaller businesses who are unequipped to pay license fee for proprietary software year on year.

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Case Studies

The client is a leading marketer for Health & hygiene product supplies in corporate and industries. The need was to have an online platform for show case of the entire range of products and shopping cart for the visitor. Further, the client needed facility to simply generate an RFQ (Request for Quote) for the shopping list, on checkout, without providing online payment options.

The primary objective of the client was to have continuous and instantaneous customer support. Hence, the need for a user-friendly online catalogue to the site visitor with the facility to create & review his/her accounts history for past shopping orders. This compounded with features like online chat and instant SMS notification to the client whenever a new visitor account is created or a new RFQ is generated for shopping done from the portal.

Keeping cost, flexibility, ease of management & user-friendliness in mind, GENPRO suggested Drupal Commerce. Being Open Source, there is ‘zero’ cost involved in licensing or buying any plug-in for development of the e-commerce portal. Drupal is extensible and provides integration with third-party chat and SMS gateways. Drupal Commerce is flexible and hence accommodated for the change in workflow of a typical e-commerce by restricting last stage of checkout to RFQ instead of payment.

Post date: 06/03/2013 - 19:07

Given the diversity of content, ease of management and short time of deployment, GENPRO suggested the use of ‘Open Public’ distribution built on Drupal to the client. OpenPublic is designated for goverment outfits where there is a need for in-depth customization and security. Goverment agencies have typically quite diverse and extensive work flows, require an elaborate listing of personnel at various levels of hierarchy, need secure applications and need provisions for efficient handling of huge amounts & large variety of data.

This is just what Open Public is intended to achieve. It has excellent data management facilities as well as stringent security inbuilt. Which is why Open Public is used by many agencies of the federal goverment. (Refer and

It was the first time that this Drupal distribution was being used by any Indian university and besides the above reasons, Open Public allows for tailor-made work flows so that not just goverment offices but universities or other goverment councils/organizations etc. can use it for an effective web presence. It was due to this power of Open Public that GENPRO could embed all data and customize workflows in such a short period of time.

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