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A flexible e-commerce for a local business using Drupal Commerce


The client is a leading marketer for Health & hygiene product supplies in corporate and industries. The need was to have an online platform for show case of the entire range of products and shopping cart for the visitor. Further, the client needed facility to simply generate an RFQ (Request for Quote) for the shopping list, on checkout, without providing online payment options.

Business Need

The primary objective of the client was to have continuous and instantaneous customer support. Hence, the need for a user-friendly online catalogue to the site visitor with the facility to create & review his/her accounts history for past shopping orders. This compounded with features like online chat and instant SMS notification to the client whenever a new visitor account is created or a new RFQ is generated for shopping done from the portal.

The secondary objective was to have some sort of content administration to be able to add or modify product catalogue.


  1. Cost was a major concern hence the client did not need the hassle and hefty transaction fee involved in online payments.

  2. Usually online payments are an essential part of e-commerce, hence, a major change was required in the usual processing of shopping cart.

Our solution

Due to cost, building an e-commerce along with content management facility from scratch was ruled out. Keeping cost, flexibility, ease of management & user-friendliness in mind, GENPRO suggested Drupal Commerce.

Drupal Commerce provides easy content management to the client with complete site administration.

Being Open Source, there is ‘zero’ cost involved in licensing or buying any plug-in for development of the e-commerce portal.

Drupal is extensible and provides integration with third-party chat and SMS gateways.

Drupal Commerce is flexible and hence accommodated for the change in workflow of a typical e-commerce by restricting last stage of checkout to RFQ instead of payment.


A complete online product catalogue and ordering system available to the visitor priced economically for the client.

Prior to the implementation, any customer wanting services of the client used the traditional e-mail or phone call. Thus there were delays in handling orders since the ordering was not dynamic. Now with SMS integration the client immediately gets notification of new orders and processing is instantaneous.

Even after delivery, the client continues to manage the product catalogue and other content, with the result that the online display of products is ever growing and the visitor is treated with daily deals rather than old static content.

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