Open Source Consulting

Open source is not equivalent to 'Free'; it is commercial software, governed by various types of licenses. But Open Source Software is developed, tested and supported by a community of people worldwide instead of a single company. Further, recommendations from users are taken into consideration while developing Open Source, which makes it dynamic & ever evolving.

Our expertise:

  • Enterprise solutions - Our team has considerable experience on key Open Source enterprise & business solutions like - OpenERP, Web2Py, vtigerCRM, Fedena and Drupal.
  • Strong Research & development - We study, evaluate Open Source solutions & continuously expand our Open Source solutions portfolio.

GENPRO extends its consulting support to assess, plan and implement the most effective corporate Open Source strategies for your business.

Our consulting methodology:

  1. Business consulting - We assist you in understanding the basics and benefits of Open Source to business.

  2. Feasibility study - Open Source is different than proprietary in terms of processes and skills required. We help you arrive at the best decision about migrating to Open Source by reviewing cost, suitability of business policies, management and employee readiness, sufficiency of skill set and infrastructure.

  3. Product Selection - Through an all-inclusive sequence of activities including, but not limited to Analysis of Requirements and Evaluation of Products, we identify the most suitable Open Source solution for your needs.

  4. Product Customization - We customize the chosen solution & deploy it at your business site, directed as per your organizational and business needs.

  5. User Training - We train the end-users spread across various levels in the hierarchy of your organization.

Few Open Source solutions we work on


OpenERP is an innovative Open Source ERP platform which allows businesses to integrate information & processes distributed across various departments - Inventory & Warehousing, Purchase, Marketing & Sales, Product Planning & Product Management, Project Management, Human Resources and Accounting.

Drupal Commerce

With Drupal commerce, developing e-commerce portals is neither complex nor time-consuming because it is in built with all capabilities of e-commerce - product catalog, shopping cart, checkout, etc. 

What's more you have the freedom to design your e-store as per your preferences.  Drupal commerce is -


Fedena is an award winning school management software. It is quite a popular open source school ERP that has all capabilities to handle management of a school or college.

Vtiger CRM

Vtiger is a popular Open Source Customer Relationship Management tool. With it you can handle not just customer data but products, services & invoicing too.

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