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OpenERP is an innovative Open Source ERP platform which allows businesses to integrate information & processes distributed across various departments - Inventory & Warehousing, Purchase, Marketing & Sales, Product Planning & Product Management, Project Management, Human Resources and Accounting.

OpenERP is a flexible, modular ERP that is rich in features yet is priced much less than other expensive ERPs. OpenERP's unique modular approach allows customers to start with one module and add other modules later. Customers keep the benefits of an integrated software but avoid a “big bang” project.

The benefits of OpenERP for your business:

  • Technology changes according to your business processes - OpenERP adapts itself to your business processes & environment & not the other way round. This makes easier for your organization to change from manual or semi-automated mode to complete automation with the minimum of modification in processes & working style of the workforce.
  • Begin first & extend later - You need not pay for all features that OpenERP may support. You can begin with automating a few key business processes & get the organization comfortable to working with OpenERP. After reaching that stage, you can add more processes & features to the running application, all at your own pace.
  • Custom ERP, the way you want - Honestly speaking, no two OpenERP installations match because your OpenERP is strictly how you want it! You can get custom user forms, interface or have newer modules developed as per your requirements. OpenERP is easy to customize as per your business processes & rules.
  • Extend features quickly - OpenERP has a robust & flexible architecture. It is so built that the core features or current configuration can include new features. You can choose from a suite of business apps continuously coming out into the market for any of your business processes.

GENPRO's ERP Services -

GENPRO understands it very well that ERP implementation is closely related to the achievement of the business objective. And hence, we concentrate on driving the return on investment in the form of productivity enhancement and process improvement.

  • Consulting - It is imperative that ERP implementation includes many organizational & process changes to make it a success. And this requires a team of consultants to co-ordinate the change process. GENPRO offers cost-effective and professional pre-consultation services for OpenERP implementation.
  • Business Process Modeling - Process modeling is important to understand how closely processes are aligned to the business objective, to identify bottlenecks in processes and possible improvements. GENPRO provides process modeling service based on BPM notations.
  • OpenERP development and customization - GENPRO's team is experienced at development of new modules and customization of existing modules for various domains like - real estate, healthcare, hospitality, etc..
  • Deployment - We assess infrastructure-readiness, suggest changes & implement OpenERP at client work sites, for a seamless & effective information exchange across various departments.
  • User Training & support

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