Society Automation System

Medium to large organizations both in private & government sector have employees ranging from few hundreds to thousands. Employees of these organizations come together and form societies that provide members with loan facilities, savings account, dividends on annual profits, etc.

SAS or Society Automation System is designated for such credit co-operative societies. SAS automates these major operations of credit co-operative societies and facilitates various report generations that aid in analyzing financial health of these societies.


  • Member Information – New, existing & retired
  • Branch or Regional Manager Information
  • Member Savings
  • Various loan types
  • Grant of loan & Loan status
  • Share disbursement
  • Branch wise Transactions – Savings, Loan & shares
  • Administrator – Rate of interest, dividend, user creation & access rights

Reports – Generated Daily, Monthly & Annually.

  • Annual Member report
  • Status of Loan
  • Status of savings
  • Annual Branch or RM reports
  • Status of Share of members
  • Collective savings & loan report for members

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