Our services portfolio has been designed keeping in mind how the life cycle of any business need could be. Essentially, as service providers we try to be with our clients right from - understanding requirements and consulting, purchase of licenses, customization of software, training, its maintenance and support and even marketing of the services of our clients through our slew of Web Services.

We are undoubtedly, a one-stop service provider who can reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Information Technology for you.

We have a wide variety of offerings for individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises, corporate and institutions.

Software Development

We have a mature understanding of Project Management, Software Engineering and System Development Life Cycle, and our team ensures that every custom made solution meets clients' expectations and beyond. Given our experience, we emphasize highly on quality assurance, scalability, security and real time performance of applications.


Skill Setu is the training division of GENPRO that designs & delivers training programs on prevalent industry processes & technologies. Setu’, belonging to the Hindi language, means bridge.

Web Application Development

GENPRO provides web application development services on some leading Open Source Content Management System (CMS) like - Drupal, Joomla & Wordpress.

We offer following web services:

Open Source Consulting

Open source is not equivalent to 'Free'; it is commercial software, governed by various types of licenses. But Open Source Software is developed, tested and supported by a community of people worldwide instead of a single company. Further, recommendations from users are taken into consideration while developing Open Source, which makes it dynamic & ever evolving.


GENPRO offers end-to-end testing and development solutions. Our offerings include—Test Consulting, Testing Services, Test Trainings , Product Development and Re-engineering (Solutions Infosystems).

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