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A university portal goes live in 3 days. Courtesy : OpenPublic


The client is a prestigious Government university, only the second Hindi university in India. The client needed a web presence for effectively displaying all it’s courses, faculty, organizational profile, activities, events and notices.

Business Need

The primary objective of the client was to have content instantly published on the website in Hindi language continuous and instantaneous customer support. Hence, the need for a user-friendly online catalogue to the site visitor with the facility to create & review his/her accounts history for past shopping orders. This compounded with features like online chat and instant SMS notification to the client whenever a new visitor account is created or a new RFQ is generated for shopping done from the portal.

The secondary objective was to have some sort of content administration to be able to add or modify product catalogue.


  1. Time was a crucial factor since the site was to go live within a 3 days deadline.

  2. The variety in type of content and the necessity of getting it verified before publishing in a non-English language required disciplined co-ordination between content providers, proof-readers and our team.

Our Solution

Given the diversity of content, ease of management and short time of deployment, GENPRO suggested the use of ‘Open Public’ distribution built on Drupal.

OpenPublic is designated for

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